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What is different about the Credit Cops Cash program?

We provide you a system to track, view and even manage the leads that you manually submit or ones that can be submitted using a line of code to place on your websites, blogs, or social media post.

Your Dashboard gives you the ability to track the leads that you are providing to us; see what we see! As leads progress through the process you will see the stages they are in.

From “New” when it arrives to “Paid” when you get paid. In the event that the lead stalls you now have the ability to see why a lead has not progressed.

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The Credit Cops

Many of our Affiliates have clients that they have a relationship with. This is important in that you now can see if the lead has engaged with us. If they have not you may choose to assist in getting the lead to proceed with the program.

The tools in your Dashboard give you these stages to manage your pipeline of leads that you are providing.

You have the ability to copy the line of code and add to your website, blogs or social media post or you can choose to use the manual feature to enter the information about the lead yourself.

How It Works


Form Generator

You can click on “Request meet url” this gives you the code to place/embed on your website, blog, or social media pages (opens in a new browser tab to view or test form; copy and paste the url into your iframe or editor).


Add a Lead

You will see on the top + Add Prospect (this is a manual feature that lets you manually add a lead).


Your Pipelline

On the top nav bar you will see the tabs [All / New / Paid / Declined / Not Valid / Enrolled / Follow Up] you can review All of the status under the “All” tab or limit your search to each individual tab by clicking on one of them.


New Tab

The New Tab is when a new lead has been submitted via embedded code form or from manual submitted lead.


Paid Tab

The Paid Tab is when we have paid you “Yeah”! Great Job!


Declined Tab

The Declined Tab means that the lead was declined service.


Not Valid Tab

The Not Valid Tab means that the information on the form submitted was not sufficient for us to contact.


Enrolled Tab

The Enrolled Tab means that the lead is enrolled into our program and you are queued up to receive your commission.


Follow Up Tab

The Follow Up Tab means that we have contacted the lead but the lead has not yet enrolled.

Track the Leads that you are Providing

The only system that allows affiliates to see what we see!

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